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This Issue in Scrap

March/April 2014

Viva Las Vegas! ISRI 2014 Convention Guide
Elvis Presley sang about it. Millions of tourists and conventiongoers flock to it annually. And ISRI can’t get enough of it. What is it? Las Vegas, of course—site of ISRI’s 2014 convention and exposition.

ISRI Convention Exhibitor List
With more than 355 exhibitors in roughly 360,000 square feet, no wonder ISRI’s exposition continues to reign as the largest scrap recycling industry show in the world. Here’s a list of exhibiting companies so you can plan your expo strategy.

The Family Guy
After 28 years of service to ISRI and the scrap industry, Doug Kramer looks forward to his next challenge: becoming the association’s chair. He credits his family for making it all possible. By Kent Kiser

ISRI Election 2014
The U.S. midterm elections aren’t the only political drama this year. ISRI has a contested election for its national secretary/treasurer office, with three candidates (so far) vying for that position.

China’s E-Scrap Investment
The Chinese government is investing heavily to transform its country’s electronics recycling processing from polluting, unsophisticated businesses to a clean, high-tech industry. Only time will tell if its gamble will pay off. By Adam Minter

What’s in Your Stormwater?
Achieving stormwater benchmarks and limits can be daunting. Focus your efforts by identifying the sources of potential pollutants in your operations and implementing best management practices to control them. By Lindsay Maine and Todd Peterson

More Than a Seal of Approval
Achieving third-party certification requires time, effort, and money, but the benefits make it all worthwhile, according to certified recyclers and academic research on the subject. By Theodore Fischer

Small-Town Values
Brenner Recycling has succeeded for 89 years as a small, family-run recycling company thanks to its focus on serving its customers as well as its community and industry associations. By Kent Kiser

Bringing the Scrap Perspective to Politics
Who said scrap and politics don’t mix? These five scrap recyclers have found that holding elected office at the state or local level—while still maintaining a scrap career—allows them to serve their communities and their industry. By Diana Mota

Safety Series: Focusing on Fleet Maintenance
Recyclers are wise to incorporate their CSA compliance efforts into their transportation safety programs. Such a move can help ensure drivers, mechanics, and safety managers work together to maintain a safe vehicle fleet. By Nancy Mann Jackson

Equipment Focus: Tire Cutters
There’s more than one way—and more than one reason—to cut scrap tires into smaller pieces, as this review of tire-cutting equipment explains. By Diana Mota

ISRI at Your Service: New Efforts to Fight Materials Theft
A multifaceted problem such as materials theft requires an equally diverse strategy to fight it. A task force of ISRI members has developed a multipronged plan to help the industry make headway on this issue at the local, state, and national levels. By Kim Fernandez

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