On Feb. 4, aluminum-maker Constellium announced that the company is in the final planning stages of an investment to increase its recycling capacity in Europe. Headquartered in Paris, Constellium designs and develops aluminum products for a variety of markets, including packaging, automotive, and aerospace. This project will be focused on using recycled aluminum to produce slabs for the company’s Europe-based automotive and packaging business partners. Constellium expects to recycle a minimum of 60 kt annually through the investment.

In the announcement, CEO Jean-Marc Germain says the investment demonstrates Constellium’s commitment to sustainability. Aluminum plays a pivotal role in several sustainability “mega-trends” across the packaging, automotive, and transportation end markets, says Germain. “We expect this investment will provide opportunities for Constellium to expand its low-carbon product offerings to meet customer needs,” he adds.

Constellium expects to confirm the project’s location and scope by the end of 2021, which depends on finalizing engineering plans and obtaining required permits. The company expects to begin production within two years of breaking ground.