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Attachments come in a range of sizes

Attachments come in a range of sizes
The smallest model in the series, the KFX 14, fits excavators weighing 8 to 15 tons and produces 1,475 foot-pounds of impact and 600 to 900 blows per minute. The largest in the series, the KFX 200, is for 100- to 200-ton machines and produces 25,815 foot-pounds of impact and 150 to 250 blows per minute. Kinshofer also offers KSB-Series breakers for excavators from 0.5 to 12 tons. 

The KFX 20 to 200 models feature two valves that allow operators to adjust the number of blows per minute and select operating pressures from 160 to 200 bar. A longer piston stroke means slower operation and more energy per single blow, which is ideal for hard materials, while a shorter piston stroke provides less single-blow energy but makes operations faster, which is ideal for softer material and greater capacity per hour, Kinshofer says.

A polyurethane shock absorber reduces vibrations transmitted from the breaker to the excavator frame and cab, which minimizes wear on excavator components, reduces noise, and makes it more comfortable for users to operate, Kinshofer says. An autolube system greases the lower bushing and spacer, which improves the longevity of the retainer pins and bushings and reduces the need for manual greasing. Operators can control greasing from the cab or automatically through the hammer’s movement, it says. Visit