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Belt cleaner can be cut to size

Belt Cleaner can be cut to size
The QC1+ holds the urethane blade in place so users don’t have to mill a slot for holding pins. It comes with a stock 9-foot urethane blade, which users can trim down to match the belt width and material path, then slide it in the blade holders and lock them in position, Martin Engineering says. The new blade can be retrofitted to any Martin mainframe and most competing designs, it says. 

The mainframe on the QC1+ has a three-piece assembly with a square center section and a torque tube made from high-strength steel, which transmits the torque from the tensioner through the tubes and into the mainframe to maintain blade tension. The installation takes just a few minutes and requires only one worker to install the tube, set the collars in position, and adjust the length of the mainframe, Martin Engineering says. Visit