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Firm offers two mobile slow-speed shredders

Firm offers two mobile slow speed shredders

The Inventhor Type 6’s VarioDirect drive has a patented gearbox with a combination of mechanical and hydraulic gears that continuously transfer the torque to the shredding system, helping the shredding shaft’s speed adapt to various material throughputs and allowing it to stop and start the shredding process even when there’s a load in the machine. The drive also helps the shredder obtain a high throughput with a lower fuel consumption, Doppstadt says. In case of a blockage, the drive can automatically reverse itself to avoid damage.

Its material feed system has a tipping hopper with a volume of 2 cubic meters, which users can increase up to about 5 cubic meters by using auxiliary attachment panels. Operators can either load the hopper and tilt it for each batch, or set it at an angle so the material automatically slides into the shredding area, Doppstadt says. Operators also can mount various discharge conveyor belt systems using the central attachment system. Several available belt lengths help operators adjust belt angles or heights, it says.

The Inventhor’s wide counter comb door gives operators easy access to the shredding area and engine compartment for maintenance and switchover procedures. The shredder comes with either a semitrailer or a tracked chassis so operators can move it as needed.

Doppstadt created the Methor slow-speed, single-shaft shredder to handle small volume flows, monobatches, special materials, or yards with frequently changing tasks. Operators can retrofit the machine within 60 minutes using bolt-on tools, it says. Its hydraulic direct drive continuously adapts the shredding system’s performance to the demand, and the continuously optimized load torque on the drive helps reduce wear and tear, it says. If the pump pressure increases suddenly as a result of a blockage, the drive automatically reverses, protecting the machine from damage, it says. Large ventilation openings help keep the shredder cool and make it easy to access internal components for maintenance, Doppstadt says.

The load-sensing material feed system works with the hydraulic direct drive, using the pump pressure of the drive to control the angle of the feed hopper for continuous operation. Operators can control and monitor the shredder using the control panel, or they can activate key functions using a wireless remote control or any internet-enabled device. Methor comes in a stationary model or as a carrier version equipped with a hooklift or a tracked chassis. Visit or