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Forklift line offers new models

Forkligt Line Offers New Models

Available in 15,500-pound and 17,000-pound capacities, its turn assist system applies the brake to the inside drive tire at maximum steering angles, which creates a tighter turning radius regardless of its load weight or road surface conditions, it says. A new standard mast design improves the operator’s view of the forks and the load, and an optional rear-facing camera with LCD display provides a 118-degree range of vision to help operators monitor the rear of the truck while driving and changing directions, it says.

Yale also offers the UX Series internal combustion counterbalanced lift truck, which it has designed as a cost-effective line with basic features. It offers an efficient filtration and cooling system and a large access area for the engine compartment that it designed for quick and easy service, it says. The engine has no computer-based diagnostics, it adds. Its operator compartment has an automotive-style layout with a 3.5-inch LCD display and adjustable steering column. A wide view mast improves visibility and dual suspension drivetrain system reduces fatigue, Yale says. Visit