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Grapples suited for scrap handling and sorting

Grapples Suited for Scrap Handlling and Sorting

The LSG orange-peel scrap grapple, designed for high-volume scrapyard processing, comes in four models with capacities from 1 to 2 cubic yards to fit machines between 22 and 40 mt. The high-torque, continuous 360-degree rotation helps operators handle large or uneven loads, LBX says. Multiple tine and spade styles can handle a wide variety of scrap, and all tine styles are fully boxed for better strength and durability, it says. Reverse-mounted, large-bore cylinders protect rods from damage and provide maximum clamping force. A heavy-duty guarding system protects cylinders and internal components but is easy to remove for maintenance, LBX says. Hardened steel bearings with dust seals at all pivot points protect against debris. Abrasion-resistant steel tips require only a simple perimeter weld to replace them, it says.

The LCG contractor handling grapples come with perforated or heavy-duty ribbed tines that close at a flat angle to help compact material. Their maximum crushing force densifies material, and a strong rotation system resists back-driving forces, LBX says. Available in three models that range from 0.75 to 1.25 cubic yards for base machines between 15 and 38 mt, the contractor grapple has a single cylinder with dual drag links, minimizing the number of moving parts and simplifying the hydraulic system. An oversized cylinder protects rods and supports maximum crushing force, it says. The tine, frame, and linkage design has easy-to-locate grease fittings to make maintenance easier. Large, recessed side covers give easy access to internal components while protecting the cover fasteners, it says.

The grapples have a standard limited warranty for one year or 1,800 hours, whichever comes first. The warranty applies only to tools mounted on Link-Belt excavators. Visit