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Hot wash system reduces PET flake contamination

Hot Wash System Reduces Pet Flake
The machine washes away fatty contaminants such as lotions, cooking oils, or sunscreen, along with residues from labels and adhesives. The system can reduce the particles caught in extrusion melt filters by about 50%, the company says. It also reduces odors and yellowness, it says. Designed for PET bottles, the hot wash system also works on thermoformed foils, trays, and foil used in the packaging industry, the company says.

Herbold custom-configures its hot wash systems, so users can choose components such as multichamber separation tanks, friction washers, turbo washers, and mechanical or thermal dryers. The hot wash system is designed to be installed as part of a continuous process, but the system also can operate independently to adjust dwell time in agitation tanks to achieve the right cleanliness level, Herbold Meckesheim says. Visit