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Hydraulic cutter attachment now available in U.S.

Hydraulic Cutter Attachment now available in US

The CC1600, designed for 13- to 23-ton base machines, is lighter than previous versions but has the same high crushing force and cycle times, the company says. The cutter’s two inverted hydraulic cylinders, with integrated speed valves, help reduce cycle times and save fuel. Piston rod guards help the cylinders deliver near-constant closing forces, even when the jaws are almost closed, Epiroc says. Its 360-degree hydraulic rotation makes positioning and handling more precise.

The two jaws move independently to eliminate displacement forces on the cutter and the carrier, giving operators more control when handling unstable materials, Epiroc says. Users can choose between two jaw designs: The steel cutting version is suited for cutting general steel structures, while the universal version is meant for light- to medium-duty building demolition and heavy-duty industrial demolition. Its coupling and positioning system helps operators easily switch jaw types on the job site, Epiroc says. The cutting blades on both designs are reversible and replaceable. Visit