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Mobile shredder fits small yards

Mobile Shredder fits small yards

The hammermill shredder, which has a Caterpillar 1,125-hp diesel engine and sits on Caterpillar 345 tracks for easier permitting, suits yards processing between 1,500 and 3,000 tons per month. The BRAVO 6280 can produce 15 to 20 tons an hour at a density of up to 70 pounds per cubic foot, and processing costs are less than $30 per ton on average, 3TEK says.

The shredder has eight cast manganese hammers each weighing 240 pounds. The 750-rpm rotor has 10-inch bearings with an oil bath lubrication system and a resistive temperature device on each bearing for protection. Its 19-foot by 6-foot integrated infeed conveyor has an interlaced steel belt and a single-feed roll system that can operate at speeds up to 10 rpm. The feed roll is made of 1-inch-thick rolled steel with 3-inch, abrasion-resistant teeth supported by heavy-duty flange bearings, 3TEK says. An automatic feed control system analyzes machine performance inputs to improve efficiency. A 24-inch-tall reject door and a 5-inch-thick reversible back wall both feature an angled grate opening for discharging unshreddables. The shredder also comes with a 48-inch by 24-inch takeaway conveyor. Visit