Equipment Spotlight

  • Deep Learning Add-On

    Deep learning add-on enhances PE sortation

    The GAIN deep-learning-based sorting technology from Tomra (Asker, Norway), an add-on option for its AUTOSORT sensor-based sorting machines, aims to increase sorting purity without slowing throughput speed.
  • Wheelloader is larger

    Wheel loader is larger, more powerful than previous models

    The ZW250-6 wheel loader from Hitachi (Newton, Ga.) is a larger, more powerful version of its previous loaders.
  • XRF Analyzer

    XRF analyzer built for harsh environments

    The Vanta Element X-ray fluorescence analyzer from Olympus (Waltham, Mass.) is designed for high-throughput testing in harsh environments such as scrap recycling and metal manufacturing. 
  • Plastic Shredder Handles Hard to Process Material

    Granulator has adjustable cutting speed

    The Rapid OneCUT PRO slow-speed granulator from Rapid Granulator (Bredaryd, Sweden) has an adjustable speed setting so plastics and composite processors can choose the best granulation speed for the plastic’s material characteristics, such as brittleness.
  • Disassemble Flat Panel Displays

    Machine uses AI to disassemble flat-panel displays

    The FPD Pro robotic depollution machine from FPD Recycling (Lakewood, Colo.) aims to reduce the labor costs and hazards associated with manually disassembling electronics with flat panel displays such as laptops, monitors, and televisions.
  • Plastic Shredder Handles Hard to Process Material

    Plastics shredder handles hard-to-process material

    The EWS 60/210 single-shaft shredder from Herbold Meckesheim USA (Smithfield, R.I.) is designed for preshredding baled, bulky, or hard-to-process plastics such as agricultural and other film, mixed plastics, and die drool. 
  • Wheel Loader Includes Power Mode

    Wheel loader includes power mode

    The updated ZW180-6 wheel loader series from Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America (Newnan, Ga.) has a new power mode switch for extra power while digging into piles or climbing grades while carrying full loads. 
  • Motion Sensing Controls Protect Rotating Equipment

    Motion sensing controls protect rotating equipment

    The Model MSD-800 series motion sensing controls from Conveyor Components Co. (Croswell, Mich.) protect indoor and outdoor rotating equipment from damage by continuously monitoring rotary speed.
  • Equipment Platorms are Custom Designed

    Equipment platforms are custom designed

    Best Process Solutions (Brunswick, Ohio) can build custom support platforms and equipment bases to customers’ specifications, suiting the equipment, application, and environment while also focusing on efficiency and operator safety, the company says.
  • Robotic Sorters Work in Tandem

    Robotic sorters work in tandem

    The Green Eye robotic sorter from Green Machine (Whitney Point, N.Y.) can perform a minimum of 100 picks per minute and can pick up to four separate commodities at the same time. 
  • New Mobile Shears Handle Higher Forces

    New mobile shears handle higher forces

    The Fortress FS145 and FS145R, the newest and largest mobile shears from ShearCore (Superior, Wis.), can handle higher forces than its previous models. 
  • Tool Measures Bale Quality

    Tool measures bale quality

    The BaleVision assessment tool and analytics platform from merQbiz (El Segundo, Calif.) collects data on recovered paper bales, analyzes bale quality, and tracks industry trends. 
  • Frequency Drive Now Powers PreChopper

    Frequency drive now powers prechopper

    Eldan Recycling (Faaborg, Denmark) now offers the Super Chopper prechopper with a frequency drive that reduces power consumption compared with its hydraulically powered model but has the same strength and capacity. 
  • Zen-Robotics-sorting-bags

    Robotic Sorter Identifies Plastic Bags

    The Zen Robotics Recycler from ZenRobotics (Helsinki) now can remove filled plastic bags from a material stream based on their color. 
  • Image_Lindner_2017-0232_MicromatHP

    Plastic Shredder Increases Efficiency

    The Micromat HP single-shaft shredder series from Lindner-Recyclingtech (Spittal an der Drau, Austria) increases output up to 30 percent over Lindner’s Micromat 2000 and 2500 systems. 
  • Rigaku-KT-100S-Analyzing-Al

    Updated LIBS Analyzer Is Faster, More Precise

    The KT-100S hand-held laser induced breakdown spectroscopy metal analyzer from Rigaku (The Woodlands, Texas) is faster and more precise than its KT-100 model. 
  • Oxford-Vulcan-4Web

    LIBS Analyzer Delivers Fast Results

    Oxford Instruments (Abington, England) says its Vulcan laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy analyzer takes one second to assess metal alloys, providing accurate and precise results.
  • Genesis_GDT390

    Attachment Handles Bigger Demolition Jobs

    The GDT 390 Razer demolition attachment from Genesis Attachments (Superior, Wis.) can take on larger demolition jobs than the company’s other Razer models.
  • Zerma_ZCS4

    Shredder/Granulator Has Separate Controls

    The ZCS series granulator/shredder combination from Zerma (Shanghai) stacks a single-shaft shredder on top of a granulator for compact size reduction.
  • Oxford-X-Met-OiConnect

    App Delivers Real-Time XRF Results

    The OiConnect app from Oxford Instruments (Abingdon, England), designed for use with X-MET8000 hand-held X-ray fluorescence analyzers, helps users share their test results as soon as they acquire them without using a computer to generate a report.