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Plasma torch offers flexible power adaptor

Power Torch offers flexible power adaptor

The 230-volt primary setting has a 1/2-inch cut and pierce capacity for steel and can sever steel up to 1 inch thick. To use the 115-volt setting, which has a 3/8-inch cut and pierce capacity, operators connect the supplied adapter to the hard-wired 230-volt plug, ESAB says. The 40-amp plasma cutter, which has a 22-pound power source, has up to a 40% duty cycle, ESAB says.

The SL60 1torch has a 16-foot torch lead. Its advanced torch connection allows users to connect an additional 25-foot length of torch lead or attach a SL60QD 1torch. The SL60QD1 has a quick-disconnect design that allows users to replace either the torch handle assembly or the torch leads instead of having to replace the entire unit if a component wears out, the company says. The work cable has a standard 50-mm Dinse connection with a work clamp that creates a strong electrical connection, it says. Cutmaster Black Series electrodes extend the torch’s operating life by up to 60%, it says. The Cutmaster 40 has a 4-year warranty on the power supply and a 1-year warranty on the 1torch. Visit