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Scale display visible from a distance

Scale Display Visible from Distance
The high-visibility display’s full-color graphics and 6-inch-high characters make readouts visible from up to 250 feet away. Its 1,280 RGB high-intensity LEDs are visible in all lighting conditions. The onboard intensity light sensor automatically adjusts to ambient light from total darkness to direct sunlight with 10 levels of brightness, Cardinal Scale says. An integrated 6-inch-high red/green traffic light helps direct vehicles on and off the scale. The display can show multiple scales and total weight readouts simultaneously. 

The remote display is compatible with any digital weight indicator, such as truck, floor, and railroad scales, the company says. The SB600 comes with a two-piece bracket: a mounting bracket attached to the display locks onto a bracket on a pole or wall. A bottom access panel with slide-out controller board provides access to internal wiring. The weatherproof, IP66-rated stainless steel enclosure helps it operate in a variety of environments, Cardinal Scale says.

Cardinal’s analog-to-digital SmartCan helps digitally monitor individual load cells and identify cell failures. Designed for retrofitting analog scales or converting analog load cells to a digital weighing system, it uses a controller area network serial bus system to digitize the analog output signals from two or more independent load cells and send the data to the indicator, the company says. A patented software algorithm called SmartCal quickly calibrates scales with no manual adjustments, it says. The NTEP-certified system also has remote troubleshooting capabilities through its iSite cloud-based scale monitoring software, which can provide text or e-mail alerts for errors and warnings, it says.

On the main weight screen of an attached indicator, technicians can view onboard diagnostics such as real-time load cell weights, minimum and maximum load cell weights, deadload shift, individual load cell signals in millivolts, DLC controller card communication error count, and the iSite status of the last connection.
A future update to the SmartCan will include a fail-safe mode that will keep the scale running in the event of a failed cell. It will allow the system to compensate for a failed load cell by mirroring the estimated value of the remaining cells to offset the failed cell, Cardinal Scale says. 

SmartCan comes in a compact, weatherproof IP66/NEMA 4 enclosure. Operators can choose one of seven different SmartCan boxes to fit their configuration. Visit