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Sorters offer new variations, updated technology

Sorters Offer New Variations

The near-infrared sorter technology has enhanced sorting sharpness compared with previous models, which improves the separation of difficult-to-target fractions while maintaining the same energy consumption as previous models, it says. Improvements to Tomra’s Flying Beam sensing technology also increase light efficiency for better performance at low operating costs, it says. An optional feature is the new Deep Laiser, an object recognition technology that uses artificial intelligence through deep learning to improve the sorting process, Tomra says.

The Autosort Speedair component aims to improve sorting quality and throughput for lightweight materials such as plastic film or paper. The sorter keeps the material from moving around on the belt by using speed-controlled, fan-driven air inlets, which generate a constant air stream over the conveyor belt. This allows the conveyor belt to run at up to 20 feet per second, Tomra says. The sorter has an uncovered conveyor belt, which reduces the risk of material blockages and provides easier maintenance access, Tomra says.

The Autosort Cybot configuration will be available in the near future, it says. The system will include the new-generation Autosort scanner, an electromagnetic sensor, and a robotic arm. The system combines near-infrared and visible light spectroscopy, Deep Laiser technology, and induction technology when used for ferrous and nonferrous recovery, a combination which Tomra says is a first for the market. The robotic arm can sort material into four different streams or fractions depending on the infeed material size, color, and other criteria of the target fraction. The Cybot operates with Autosort or as a standalone unit, Tomra says. Visit