Equipment Spotlight

Steel stands up to corrosive environments

Acidity oxidizes steel surfaces, making them more prone to wear even if the body or container is made with a hard material, SSAB says.  In a regular environment, HiAce will perform the same as a 450 HBW steel, but in conditions with lower pH levels, HiAce slows down the oxidation process and helps give up to three times the equipment service life compared with a typical 400 HBW steel. 

HiAce works as a structural material in garbage trucks, recycling containers, tipper and dump bodies, and other heavy-duty equipment, Hardox says. It also works in freezing conditions with a guaranteed impact energy of 20 foot pounds at -4 degrees F. It comes in thicknesses of 4 to 25.4 mm. Hardox HiAce can be processed by the same kind of machinery used for other Hardox grades, SSAB says. Visit