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Tag-a-long trailers come in various sizes, configurations

Tag-Along Trailers

The dual axle AC-10 model has a 10-ton capacity, while the AC-20 has a 20-ton capacity. Each has a transport length of 29 feet 6 inches, including 19 flat feet and a 5-foot beavertail. Each has a loaded deck height of 32.25 inches for operating in areas with low-clearance obstacles, Talbert says. The 25-ton-capacity AC3-25 has a 29-foot deck configured with 24 flat feet and a 5-foot beavertail. Its loaded deck height is 32.75 inches.

Talbert also offers two other versions, the AC-20ART and AC3-25ART, which have an air ramp and/or air tilt to load low-clearance equipment and avoid the need to handle heavy ramps prior to loading, it says.

Each trailer has a pierced I-beam cross member construction that stands up to off-road use or rugged terrain, Talbert says. The trailers have apitong flooring to reduce chipping and provide better traction than other types of wood flooring, it says. Visit