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Wheel loaders built for variety of uses

Wheel Loaders Built for a variety of uses

The ZW140-6 features a 2.7-yard general-purpose bucket, while the ZW150-6 has a 3.1-yard general-purpose bucket. The ZW150PL-6 is a modified version of the ZW150-6 with parallel lift arms. The wheel loaders, which weigh 25,640 pounds for the ZW140-6 and 26,960 pounds for the ZW150-6
and ZW150PL-6, each have a 141-hp Cummins Tier 4 Final engine.

The wheel loaders’ hydrostatic transmission provides two auto modes and one manual mode. A shift-to-hold switch provides extra traction or torque by overriding automatic settings to hold the transmission in its current gear until the operator presses it again or changes direction. When operators are using hydraulic attachments, a maximum speed selector allows them to adjust between 4 and 8 mph to apply a higher rpm at low speeds for maximum hydraulic output, Hitachi says.

The approach-speed control increases the front arm speed and maintains driving speed, improving productivity during short operation cycles without relying on the inching pedal, Hitachi says. The traction-control system reduces tire slippage and increases tire life while making it easier to work in wet or muddy ground conditions, it says.

A new power-mode switch gives operators a 10% burst in engine rpm and extra acceleration, rim-pull, and breakout force without limiting the loader’s top speed, Hitachi says. Its enhanced hydraulic flow also makes bucket lifts quicker, it says.

Hitachi offers three types of lift arms for these models: standard, high, or parallel. A parallel/tandem hydraulic circuit makes load lifting and dumping more efficient: The parallel tilt-and-lift movement smooths out digging operations, while the tandem function prioritizes the bucket while dumping. An automatic return-to-dig function resets the bucket for the next load. A heavy cross-tube design protects arms from torsional stresses, Hitachi says.

The new pressurized cab has a nearly airtight seal to keep out dust and dirt, fully automatic air conditioning, and a new sound system with roof-mounted speakers. A seamless front window, rounded engine cowling, and redesigned roll-over protective structure frame give operators a 360-degree line of sight. The exhaust and intake stacks are near the rear of the engine cover, keeping them out of the operator’s view, Hitachi says. A rear-mounted safety camera and a proximity detection system provide audible and visual alerts for stationary and moving objects up to 20 feet from the loader.

Other standard equipment includes a reversible, on-demand hydraulic cooling fan and a new rear grill that protects the radiator compartment from debris. An exhaust-aspirated air cleaner and integrated pre-cleaner remove large particulate matter from the air inlet, eliminating the need for turbine-type pre-cleaner, it says. An improved engine cover provides easier access to grease zerks and daily inspection points. An optional belly guard prevents damage to the powertrain and drive shaft. The wheel loaders’ Tier 4 engine uses a clean selective catalytic reduction system and a simple diesel exhaust fluid system instead of a diesel particulate filter, which helps the machines to run efficiently without high engine temperatures and with no concerns about idle times, Hitachi says. The SCR takes up less space in the engine compartment, making maintenance easier and reducing fuel consumption by about 6% in loading cycles, 7% during load-and-carry operations, up to 19% while operating in power mode, and 23% in standard mode, Hitachi says. Visit