Scrap Beat

by Scrap Magazine | Jun 16, 2020

Radiation Training Available Online

The International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna) has launched an e-learning module to help metal recyclers worldwide identify and safely manage radioactive material that might arrive at scrap recycling facilities in the incoming scrap stream.

The course addresses where radioactive material can come from and how it can end up in the scrap metal stream. It also covers when and where to monitor for radioactive material and what to do if you discover it at your facility. The course takes between 3 and 5 hours, and participants receive a certificate of completion after taking an assessment, IAEA says.

The course is part of the IAEA Scrap Metal Tool Kit, which also contains a database of photos of radioactive material found in scrap; publications, posters, and videos related to radioactive scrap material control; and case studies from companies that discovered radioactive materials in their yards, shipping containers, or foundries.

Enroll in the e-learning course at For the tool kit, visit