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by Scrap Magazine | Jul 21, 2020

House Climate Action Plan Highlights Recycling Initiatives

The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis released an action plan June 30 that lists several recycling-related bills among its list of policy recommendations, which are meant to address climate change and generate jobs.
The 538-page report endorses the circular economy model for the United States and recommends the U.S. consider and refine policies that include extended producer responsibility and recycled content mandates or targets. It also promotes investments in recycling infrastructure, including for recycling such “clean energy technologies” as solar panels and wind turbines, single-use plastic containers, and lithium batteries and “other [vehicle] components.” The report supports elements of multiple bills meant to reduce virgin plastic use, promote plastic recycling, or reduce ocean pollution, such as the Save Our Seas 2.0 Act, the Zero Waste Act, and the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.

The action plan is meant to be a guide for how the country should handle climate change, but the committee cannot make laws and the document is not legislation. 
The Climate Crisis Action Plan aims to “put the country on a path to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, if not earlier” and plans to use clean energy jobs as a way to help the country recover economically, according to a news release from the committee. It also aims to “address the legacy of environmental injustice harming America’s low-income communities and communities of color,” the committee said in the release.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler told Fox Business the proposal was “not realistic at all” and said the goals would “turn around the economic growth that President Trump has delivered to the American people.” Visit