Scrap Beat

by Scrap Magazine | Sep 08, 2020

CMRA Launches Voluntary Accreditation for Nonferrous Exporters

Exporters of high-grade brass, copper, and aluminum scrap to China—material China has now classified as “raw materials” and not scrap—can apply for a new free, voluntary accreditation from the China Nonferrous Metals Association Recycling Branch, or CMRA (Beijing).

The group is “having talks with” China’s General Administration of Customs, or GACC, about the potential benefits accreditation would provide, such as priority for pre-shipment inspections and accelerated customs clearances, according to an Aug. 14 news bulletin from ISRI.

To qualify for the accreditation, exporting firms must be certified to RIOS™ or ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. Applicants must fill out paper and online forms, provide extensive documentation in Chinese and English, and have “knowledge of China’s laws and regulations,” according to the bulletin. The process also requires on-site inspections by the China Certification and Inspection Group, or CCIC, which CMRA says will take place within 30 days of it receiving the application. It extended the application deadline, originally set for Sept. 3, to the end of the year.

This accreditation is separate from the AQSIQ license from China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine that has long been a requirement for scrap exporters to China. It’s not yet clear whether exporters of the metals now classified as raw material will still need AQSIQ licenses, according to the ISRI bulletin.