Scrap Beat

by Scrap Magazine | Sep 29, 2020

New High-Tech Processing Plant Under Construction in Finland

Recycling collector and processor Remeo (Vantaa, Finland) will build a new, state-of-the-art scrap processing facility in Vantaa, the company says.

The facility, which will serve 30% of the Helsinki region’s recycling needs, will process materials from construction, trade, and other sectors, Remeo says. The company hopes to provide enough capacity to eliminate the need to export recyclable construction material. A new Finnish law that went into effect this year requires that 70% of construction materials be mechanically recycled. The facility eventually will be able to process 120,000 mt of construction materials and 60,000 mt of material from industrial and business sources, Remeo says.

ZenRobotics (Helsinki), a developer of artificial intelligence-based sorting robots, will supply 12 new robotic arms for the facility. Stadler (Altshausen, Germany), a manufacturer of ballistic separators, conveyors, and other parts, will also provide equipment. The plant will be unique in its ability to process materials from both the commercial and industrial and construction and demolition sectors, says Jürgen Berger, international sales director at Stadler.

Remeo broke ground on the 35 million-euro facility in May. It expects it to be operational by late 2021. Visit,, or