Scrap Beat

by Scrap Magazine | Sep 29, 2020

OCED Aligns With Basel Convention on Hazardous Plastics

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has updated its rules for trade in scrap plastics that it has designated as hazardous to conform to recent changes in the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal.

The rules require advance consent from destination countries before such materials are shipped among its 37 member countries, which include the United States and Canada.

The group did not come to consensus on rules for the trade of plastic scrap that is not hazardous, however. Each OECD member country can set its own requirements for import or export of nonhazardous scrap plastics, whether single polymers or mixed plastics.

“Allowing waste to be treated in countries with a cost advantage in sorting or recycling can help to boost global recycling rates and strengthen secondary plastics markets,” the OCED noted in a Sept. 10 press release. Major importers of plastic scrap for recycling in the OECD include the United States, South Korea, Canada, and the countries of the European Union, it says, citing United Nations data. Visit