Scrap Beat

by Scrap Magazine | Nov 03, 2020

Alvance Completes Acquisition of Duffel Mill

Alvance Aluminium Group (Paris), the international aluminum division of GFG Alliance (London), has completed its $364.1 million acquisition of a Novelis rolling mill in Duffel, Belgium, Fastmarkets AMM reports.

Alvance Aluminium Duffel will be the new name for the plant, which produces automotive body sheets. The plant has the capacity to process around 254,000 mt of aluminum per year and uses approximately 105,660 mt of aluminum scrap annually, Alvance says. It was certified to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative chain of custody standard in July, Fastmarkets reports.

Alvance has embarked on a 100-day review process in which management, trade unions, customers, and suppliers will explore opportunities for investment and growth. It will look to increase “closed-loop” processing by recycling its own scrap within its corporate group, including at sites like Dunkirk, France, where Alvance says it runs Europe’s largest aluminum smelter.

The Duffel mill has changed hands several times over the past decade. Aleris Corp. (Beachwood, Ohio) purchased it in 2013, but it came under the ownership of Novelis (Atlanta) when the company acquired Aleris in April. As part of the acquisition agreement, Novelis was required to divest the Duffel plant, it says. Visit