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by Scrap Magazine | Nov 10, 2020

Dow Launches Plastics Recycling Project in China

The packaging and special plastics business unit of Dow Co. (Midland, Mich.) will work with recycling and waste management firm Xiamen Luhai Pro-environment Co. (Xiamen, China), or Luhai, to recycle more of its postconsumer plastic.

Luhai processes postconsumer and postindustrial material it collects in Xiamen, which is in Fujian Province in southeastern China, as well as that collected by municipal governments in the surrounding area. Its recycling center is a more than 925,000-square-foot facility designed to be a national pilot project, with the capacity to process 150,000 mt of material a year. It uses both automated and manual processing techniques to separate polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, polyethylene, corrugated cardboard, and Tetra Pak-type cartons. It extrudes and granulates the PET, PP, and PE and uses the material to produce recycled-plastic pallets and a variety of consumer products. It also sells regrind, paper pulp, wood pulp and plastic composites, and refuse-derived fuel. The facility currently processes about 105,000 mt of material; it plans to expand its material sourcing to additional cities across China, the companies say.

Dow plans to “use its expertise in materials science and application development to create new circular plastic solutions in the Asia Pacific market” with Luhai’s materials, naming new plastic packaging applications as one potential use. Dow has set sustainability targets that include enabling the collection, reuse, and recycling of 1 million mt of plastic by 2030 and making 100% of it products sold into packaging applications reusable or recyclable by 2035. Visit