Scrap Beat

by Scrap Magazine | Nov 17, 2020

Thailand Bans Imports of End-of-Life Electronics

Thailand has passed a “full prohibition” on the import of end-of-life electronics, according to an October release from the Basel Action Network (Seattle).

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce specified 428 different types of electronic products on its list of banned materials. The ban went into effect Sept. 15.

The move follows years of advocacy by environmental organizations like Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand (Bangkok) and BAN, the latter of which says it tracked end-of-life electronic exports flowing to Thailand from Germany and Australia by attaching GPS devices to the equipment. Thailand first announced a ban on e-scrap imports in June 2018, but material continued to enter the country, according to BAN and multiple media outlets. A New York Times investigation from December 2019 found that at least 28 new recycling facilities—most of those processing end-of-life electronics—had emerged since the 2018 ban. Visit