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July/August 2020


Scrap’s July/August 2020 issue focuses on commodities. Ferrous and nonferrous metal recyclers can look forward to the 2020 North American shredder list, our update on the locations and owners of auto shredders in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We examine factors affecting the market for stainless steel scrap and related commodities, such as primary nickel production, nickel demand for lithium-ion batteries, and stainless use in markets including infrastructure and aerospace. This issue also addresses the growth in North American recycled pulp production and what potential market opportunities it could create for recovered fiber. A plastics feature looks at polypropylene recycling, commonly used for food packaging, which is recycled both mechanically and chemically. The July/August issue’s environment, health, and safety spotlight focuses on safety in tire recycling facilities. Fires can devastate such operations, but what other types of accidents are most prevalent? Scrap also will continue to highlight resources available for recyclers as they work through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Editorial Highlights

North American shredder list
Stainless steel market trends
Recycled pulp outlook
Polypropylene recycling
EHS spotlight: tire recycling facilities

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