Upcoming Issue

November/December 2020


Scrap wraps up its more than 70-year run of regular print production with a special commemorative issue looking back at its history and the history of the scrap recycling industry it has covered, from the aftermath of World War II until today. In addition to the magazine’s history as told by Scrap’s editors, publishers, and readers, the issue looks at the many changes—and a surprising amount of continuity—over eight decades in Scrap’s advertising, coverage of industry events, and the issues the magazine and the recycling industry were addressing.

Also in November/December are Scrap’s regular departments, including Scrap Beat, EHS Spotlight, New Products, People, Meetings, and ISRI News, as well as its regular columns.

Take the opportunity today to be a part of this special issue. Reserve your ad space now by contacting Advertising Director Bob Emery at 440/268-0501. 

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