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November/December 2017

Management Issue

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Safety Spotlight: What We Didn’t Know About Safety
One company learned a lot about its safety culture by participating in OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Program. By Lisa Dunn

Safety-Feature-On-the-Record-Art_smSafety Spotlight: On the Record
Digital event logging and video monitoring systems can help fleet managers keep their drivers operating safely and reduce liability from false claims. By Katie Pyzyk

China-Ban_smThe Big Ban
China’s new restrictions on scrap imports and other recent policy changes threaten to disrupt international trade. ISRI is working in both China and the United States to learn the details and help mitigate the impacts on recyclers. By Megan Quinn

Setting-the-Record-Straight-Feature-Art_smSetting the Record Straight
Hiring workers with criminal records can help fill vacancies and support the communities in which scrapyards operate. Making such new hires a success might mean some extra work, but the effort can pay off, companies say. By Megan Quinn

ISRI at 30: Scrap: The Next Generation
Scrap asked younger scrap recyclers to reflect on how the industry might change over the next 30 years. They were largely optimistic about recycling’s future—and ISRI’s—and seemed ready to handle changes in technology, trade routes, and commodities. By Rachel H. Pollack

Equipment-Focus-Lifting-Magnets-Art_smEquipment and Services: Lifting Magnet Attachments
When well-treated, a lifting magnet can move thousands of pounds of ferrous scrap where you want it. But not if you use the magnet as a battering ram or drag it around the yard. By Ken McEntee

Colin-Kelly-One-on-One_smOne on One: Colin Kelly
conducts a Q-and-A with Colin Kelly of Schnitzer Northeast (Everett, Mass.).

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Equipment Spotlight

  • Shear blades made with nickel

    Shear blades made with nickel

    The NiCore blades for mobile and stationary shears consist of a specialized high-alloy material with 4% nickel content that is designed to last 60% to 80% longer per edge than average standard blades, BladeCore (Superior, Wis.) says.

Scrap Beat

Industry Events

Industry News

  • Recycler and hazardous waste processor Chemtron Corp. (Avon, Ohio) has acquired Vexor Technology (Medina, Ohio), which recycles end-of-life electronics, batteries, mercury-containing equipment, and light bulbs, in addition to providing advanced recycling services.
  • The Research Center for Energy Resources and Consumption (Zaragoza, Spain), part of the European Union-funded CIRC-PACK project, has created a new online tool to help plastic and cardboard packaging producers assess their products’ recyclability and provide tips for improving package sustainability.
  • AB&I Foundry (Oakland, Calif.) has donated portable decontamination kits to four California hospitals to help sanitize personal protective equipment and other gear used during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Brightmark (San Francisco) will accept linear low-density polyethylene boat wrap from marinas located in Indiana’s DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble, and Steuben counties following its successful completion of a pilot project, the company says.

Industry Events